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The Conservation areas of North Meols

Conservation appraisal - Churchtown and North Meols Conservation areas

Every Local Authority has had to produce an appraisal of the conservation areas within their authority.

Sefton has gone to Consultants to produce an appraisal for two of our areas. (The third area is ‘Hesketh Road Conservation Area’).

Neither the Civic Society, nor the local councillors were made aware of the appraisal until householders within the Churchtown Conservation Area received an invite to a display at St Cuthbert’s Church. We did, later, manage to get hold of a copy of the report and then we had a meeting with the Conservation Officers when we made comments on the appraisal.

Briefly the main points within the Churchtown area concerned poor signage both on shops and the highway. Lack of uniformity in the colours used on business premises and the use of white plastic doors and window frames on houses. These are all matters that the Civic Society has pressed for over the years. We need to conserve the appearance of the area It was also suggested that the Churchtown Conservation Area be extended to include the cottages in Mill Lane, which are not included at the moment although they are ‘listed’ properties.

There was concern about the state of the Museum and Cafe building and the boat house. We were already aware that a figure of £4M has been quoted as being required to renovate the Museum and bring it up to modern standards (Disabled Access etc) The Consultants did not like the haphazard car parking in front of the main gates and suggested that the vehicles be removed with signs indicating the Car Park in Verulam Road. This is being looked at as the Action Group had already identified a lack of dropping off or picking up facility for coaches etc.

When the appraisals have been finalised they will go to the Council for approval, this does not mean any money will be available to carry out the proposal though! We hope then to arrange a public meeting to show.

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